Advanced plans to open the Eurovision Museum in Húsavík

March 5, 2021


The Icelandic town Húsavík gained attention last year with the release of the Netflix movie “Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga”. The small town with only 2.300 inhabitants sensed the great opportunity and developed plans to open a temporary Eurovision Museum.

Húsavík, which relies on fishing and whale watching tourism for most of its income, has secured government funding of around 2 million Icelandic crowns to open the temporary museum in a building that earlier housed an Exploration Museum, which is also responsible for the opening of the Eurovision Museum.

It is planned to realize the project in collaboration with the Húsavík Chamber of Commerce and Tourism, the Icelandic broadcaster RÚV, the European Broadcasting Union and Netflix.

The museum is scheduled to open next May, 65 years after the first edition of the Eurovision Song Contest was held.

The man behind the project, Orly Orlyson, mentioned that

”Eurovision fans would get to see memorable dresses worn in the climactic scenes of the film and other movie props as well as costumes worn by Icelandic contestants”

The museum is also in talks with other Eurovision contestants, including two winners, about lending their memorabilia.

The Eurovision Museum is set to operate for two years, with founders exploring a possibility to keep a smaller permanent exhibition afterwards.

Below you can listen to the song that made the town Húsavík famous and that is shortlisted for the Best Original Song at the Oscars, wherefore the citizen created a charming campaign.

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