Junior Eurovision 2021: what’s happening and when is it happening?

November 1, 2021


With just seven weeks to go until the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021 takes place at La Seine Musicale in Paris, lets take a look at what we can expect in the coming weeks!

The 2021 edition of Junior Eurovision will be taking place in France on December 19th. The show will be broadcast live from La Seine Musicale, a concert hall located on Île Seguin (Seguin Island) on the Seine river in Paris. But with just under two months to go, there’s still lots more news yet to be announced!

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A total of 19 countries will be present at this years Junior Eurovision Song Contest in Paris. So far, 10 countries have revealed their artist and song for the contest, with a further 3 countries revealing their artist only. This leaves 6 countries who have yet to announce their representative or song for this years contest. 

Kazakhstan will be holding their Junior Eurovision 2021 national final on November 6th, whilst the final of Ranina in Georgia will take place on November 13th.

Azerbaijan: Sona Azizova was confirmed as Azerbaijan’s representative for Junior Eurovision 2021 in August, and soon after, song submissions opened. It has now been reported that the submissions process is in its final stages, with Sona’s song expected to be chosen in the coming days. However, no date for the song release has been given. 

Ireland: Maiú Levi Lawlor won Ireland’s Junior Eurovision national final on October 17th, but his song has yet to be released. It can be expected in the coming weeks.

North Macedonia: On October 12th, it was confirmed that members of Macedonian television show “Dajte Muzika” would be the country’s Junior Eurovision 2021 representatives. Just 10 days later, it was confirmed that they would be singing “Green Forces”. Their song is expected in the coming weeks.

Portugal: The mediterranean country was the first to announce their representative for Junior Eurovision, comfirming Simão Oliveira as their act back in April. Fast forward to October 27th, and we got the confirmation that Simão will be singing “O Rapaz” (The Boy) at this years contest. Now it has been confirmed that “O Rapaz” will be released on November 12th.

And then there were three

Armenia: Armenia were due to be represented by Maléna and her song “Why” at Junior Eurovision 2020, before withdrawing due to political reasons and the COVID-19 pandemic. Their return to the contest was announced on September 2nd; however it is unclear if Maléna will return, of if the Armenian broadcaster will internally select another artist.

Bulgaria: It has been rumoured that Bulgaria’s Junior Eurovision representative will be revealed on Friday 5th November. It is understood that the Munincipality of Dobrich will be funding the country’s participation in this years contest, including production of the song and music video.

Italy: On July 2nd, Italy confirmed that they would not be returning to Junior Eurovision, and would instead be focusing their efforts on hosting Eurovision 2022. Just under 2 months later, Italy did a U-turn and confirmed their participation. Since this confirmation, there has been radio silence from them; however, it is expected that they will opt for an internal selection.

Junior Eurovision? or Music Video Awards?

So far, we have five music videos for this years Junior Eurovision entries. Poland were the first to release their music video, followed by The Netherlands, Spain, Serbia and Albania, who dropped the music video for “Stand By You” just last week.

Pauline from Germany has announced she has begun rehearsals for the official music video for her song “Imagine Us”. Across the border in France, Enzo has announced that his music video for “Tic Tac” will be released on Tuesday 2nd November. 

But will we be treated to any more music videos? With a few more internal selections still to come from Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bulgaria, Italy, North Macedonia and Portugal, it can be expected that they will present a music video along with their song.

Tickets, please!

Alexandra Redde-Amiel, the French Head of Delegation for Eurovision and Junior Eurovision, announced at the end of October that tickets for Junior Eurovision 2021 will go on sale on Wednesday 3rd November. There will be tickets available for the jury show on Saturday 18th and the live show on Sunday 19th, with prices ranging from 29 Euros to 180 Euros for a family pack. The full range of tickets and their prices can be found on junioreurovision.tv.

So in conclusion, we can expect a very busy and jam packed 7 weeks ahead of us, with song reveals, music video releases and even a revamp from Russia! And let’s not forget, we still don’t know who’s hosting the contest!

What are you most looking foward to about this years Junior Eurovision Song Contest? Which is your favourite song so far? Let us know in the comments below!

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