Side by side: KAZKA releases a new song featuring ALEKSEEV

| November 19, 2020

  2018 Belarus representative Alekseev and 2019 bronze Vidbir finalists KAZKA have released their first song collaboration since meeting each other on set of The Voice of Ukraine in 2014.

  The song, Поруч (Side by side), tells a story about two lovers hiding each other from heavy rains and snowfalls. They prefer to show their love with actions instead of words. The beautiful melodic sound makes you experience all kinds of emotions that the singers tried to convey.

  The song was written as a soundtrack for KAZKA’s new animated series ‘KAZKA. The Secret of Charmvoice’ (KAZKA. Таємниця Чарголосу), the trailer for which was released on 11th of November. The episodes will be released on KAZKA’s official YouTube channel every week.

  Alekseev took to Instagram to share how he feels about the release of the song:

  “For me a new song is a new story. This time it’s fairy tale-like and unusually beautiful. This is my first time appearing on a cartoon soundtrack, my childhood dream came true. Thanks to my dear KAZKA. Our story started in 2014 when we were on the same team in The Voice of Ukraine. And after 6 years we gift our fans our collaborative single ‘Поруч’. Please believe in miracles and love, since it is so uncommon in our modern world.”

Alekseev at the Eurovision Song Contest

  Alekseev is a Ukrainian born singer and songwriter who represented Belarus in the 2018 Eurovision Song Contest with a song ‘Forever’, after withdrawing from Vidbir and winning the Belarussian national selection instead. His entry placed 16th in the first semi-final, receiving a total of 65 points.

What do you think about ‘Поруч’? Which Eurovision artists would you like to collaborate next? Let us know in the comments below!

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