Major Changes Revealed for Israel’s 2021 Eurovision National Final

| November 8, 2020

UPDATE [10/11]: The official Eurovision website has now confirmed the new, abridged format for Eden Alene’s song selection. We now also know the winning entry would be revealed in late January or early February. Mark it in your calendars!

It’s not national final season without national final drama, and Israel definitely comes through to provide it. The process to select the song Eden Alene would sing at the 2021 Eurovision was already a little convoluted, and now it appears it got even messier.

As reported by local Eurovision news site EuroMix, Israeli broadcaster KAN has decided to change the format of the national final and limit the number of participating songs. While the original plan was to have a professional committee select 16 entries to compete, the new format only includes ten songs. Additionally, there would be only one semifinal instead of two, and it’ll all be a digital event. All ten entries would compete in the first selection stage, where viewers would choose two songs to progress to the final, alongside one entry picked by the committee.

The competing songs are supposed to be revealed this month, although there’s no word yet on the chosen entries. However, KAN has informed all writers who submitted songs for the national final on whether their entry was selected. Some of the writers, speaking to EuroMix anonymously, expressed their dismay at this turn of events, with one promising legal action if the number of entrants is reduced.

Eden Alene herself has of course not made any comments regarding this recent development, although she did post a picture with Israeli singer Ester Rada on her Instagram page (right). Rada submitted a song for the national final committee, whose fate is still unknown at this stage. However, the timing of the picture seems to be coincidental, as it has been taken during a joint rehearsal the two held for a local music festival. But who knows, maybe it’s also a hint for at least one of the national final entries. (UPDATE: Eden has also posted an IG story with Yinon Yahel, producer of Israel’s 2015 entry “Golden Boy” and Eden’s own “Feker Libi,” who also submitted a song the upcoming national final.)

So what do you think? Does the new format sound better to you? “Less is more” or “the more the merrier”? Let us know in the comments below!

This story is developing and would be updated with new information…

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