Junior Eurovision 2020: Some delegations will record their performances on stage in Warsaw!

| October 7, 2020


Today it was announced that a few of the thirteen participating countries in this year’s Junior Eurovision Song Contest will fly to Warsaw to record their performances in the polish capital. This opportunity was given to all the competing countries but not all of them will use it. 

As the general director of the Polish broadcaster TVP, Mr. Konrad Smuga, has announced that some delegations will record their performances in their own countries. The chance of recording in Warsaw was given due to financial reasons for the countries. We don’t know yet when the delegations are travelling to Warsaw to record the performances but it’s reported that they will do so until the end of October. 

Mr. Smuga added that TVP will be working with each delegation to create results that are as similar to each other as possible.

The common song ‘Move the World’ will still gonna be recorded before the show.

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