Andorra will not participate in Eurovision 2024

August 19, 2023


It has been confirmed that Andorra will not be participating in Eurovision 2024.

The content manager for the Andorran broadcaster, Dani Ortolà, has confirmed that the principality will not be returning to Eurovision in 2024, and rules out a Eurovision return in the near future.

“Despite being part of the European Broadcasting Union, we have no plans to participate in the Eurovision Song Contest in the short or medium term.”

Despite not giving any specific reason for their withdrawal from Eurovision, and for them not returning to the contest, it has been argued on many occasions previously that the Andorran broadcaster is not interested in participating in any artistic contests of any nature, and that the board refuses to return to Eurovision.

It has been reported that RTVA have prioritised funding being spent on projects and broadcasts from within Andorra, and that the Eurovision Song Contest is not in the broadcast plans for RTVA.

Andorra’s last Eurovision participant, Danish-born Susanne Georgi, has been very vocal about her desire to bring Andorra back to the contest. She continues to tirelessly campaign to get the principality back in the contest for the first time since 2009.

Back in June 2021, all former Andorran Eurovision representatives were in favour of their country returning to the contest, as they mentioned to Fan de carpeta on YouTube.

Andorra in Eurovision

Andorra participated in Eurovision six times between 2004 and 2009. They are the only participating country to have never made it to the final, having failed to qualify every year they participated. Their best result came in 2007, when the band Anonymous finished in 12th place in the semi final with 80 points with their song  “Salvem el Món”.

What are your thoughts on Andorra not returning to Eurovision next year in Malmö? Do you think Andorra will ever return to the contest? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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