“I am trying to find a solution for Andorra to return to Eurovision in 2022″ – Susanne Georgi

June 1, 2021


Susanne Georgi insists on Andorra’s return to the Eurovision Song Contest in 2022, days after the management of broadcaster RTVA denies that possibility.

The singer, the last Andorran representative in 2009, reacted to the station’s position in a publication, writing on social media: “As I was mentioned in that statement, I just felt it was fair to respond. The final decision will be taken by the Andorran government, which owns national television. I still have high hopes and confidence in our government and I am still trying to find a perfect solution for a return to Eurovision in 2022 ”.

In the note, Susanne Georgi added: “Nothing and nobody ever stopped me when I switched on my ‘Viking warrior mode’. I promise everyone that I am still 100 percent determined to make this happen. Thank you all for your support”.

Would it be nice to have Andorra back in Eurovision? Share with us your thoughts on this one!


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