Ana María Bordas is the new Director of Entertainment of RTVE

| June 9, 2021

 Numerous changes have occurred in Spanish public television (RTVE) in recent weeks. The election of its new president, José Manuel Pérez Tornero, has caused a complete change in the organization chart of the corporation. Among these changes is the appointment of Ana María Bordas as the new Director of Entertainment and Outreach at RTVE.

 Pérez Tornero warned in an interview with the Spanish media YoTele a few days ago: “We are going to take Eurovision very seriously”. The new president of RTVE is very interested in the event and in improving Spain’s international presence through the EBU. To do this, he seeks to solve the deficiencies, neglect and disorganization that affect Spain also in the European contest.

 The first step, removing the criticized Toñi Prieto from the post of Director of Entertainment of RTVE. From now on, that role will be occupied by the journalist Ana María Bordas, closely linked to the EBU and the Eurovision Song Contest. Toñi Prieto will continue within the RTVE entertainment department but under the orders of Ana María Bordas and Amalia Martínez de Velasco, Director of General Contents of RTVE.

 Ana María Bordas has so far been the head of International Projects at RTVE and the Head of the Spanish Delegation at the Eurovision Song Contest. Despite the results of Spain in Eurovision, during her stage as head of delegation, she has fulfilled one of the wishes of the fans of the contest: The return of Spain to Junior Eurovision. In addition, Ana María Bordas is vice president-elect of the TV Committee of the EBU. It is the third time that Bordas has been elected by the EBU assembly for the vice-presidency.


And you? Do you think that the changes in the new cupola of RTVE will bring new hope for Spain in Eurovision? Leave your opinion in the comments below!


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  1. I think Spain can get a good result easily if they just use some more time to find the right artist and song. They need to improve the quality and possibly pick a bigger name to represent them. My dream would be Álvaro Soler with an up-tempo song like “Cintura”. A bop like that could take Spain to the top.

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