A special Eurovision program will be aired in December

| November 6, 2020

Have you been sad during Eurovision when your favourites haven’t qualified to the Grand Final? Well, the EBU have decided to launch a special program to wrap Euovision Again 2020 and celebrate the start of the national final season!

On Saturday 19th December you will be able to watch a special EurovisionAgain edition featuring a selection of songs that didn’t qualified for the Grand Final. Viewers will be able to vote for the ones that they would have wanted to qualify to the Grand Final in their original year. 20 songs will be chosen to compete when in this special event that will air on Eurovision Song Contest YouTube channel. 

How will everything work?

During the rest of the November fans will be able to vote on a selection that will be shown on the Eurovision Song Contest’s Instagram stories to whittle down to a list of 10 songs. Additionally, twelve Eurovision fansites and podcasts will be picked to collectively select their top 10 non-qualifiers.  That will give the golden list of 20 songs that will be shown in the  #EurovisionAgain Semi-Final Special, at 21:00 CET on Saturday December 19th. 

The gang at #EurovisionAgain will be running a poll on Twitter to determin the ultimate winner among the 20 non-qualifying songs! 

The man behind #EurovisionAgain

Rob Holley, the journalist who started the EurovisionAgain phenomenon this year, gave his perspective on the series. He said: 

The loveliest thing about Eurovision Again is how it has created new space in the fandom for brilliant acts like MFÖ (Turkey 1985 and 1988), Paul Oscar (Iceland 1997) and Anne-Karine Strøm (Norway 1973, 1974 and 1976) to bask in a level of appreciation they might have missed out on originally. This Semi-Final Special makes that space even bigger and I can’t wait to see which old friends we welcome back with open arms.”.

Don't forget!

You have to check Eurovision Song Contest’s Instagram Stories between November 6th to 23rd to cast your vote to get your favourites into the final list for the EurovisionAgain Semi Finalist competition. 

Take It Away to cast your vote for the best song to win!

It’s gonna be interesting to see the outcome of this show. Who are you hoping to see “qualify” into this special made program? Tell us in the comment below or on our social media. 

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