Franka among the hosts of DORA 2022!

January 28, 2022


The hosts for DORA 2022 have been revealed: Franka Batelić Ćorluka, Duško Ćurlić and Elizabeta Brodić will guide us through the show on 19 February 2022 in Opatija!

The Croatian national final is coming closer and we finally know the hosts, one of them in particular because Franka already represented Croatia at Eurovision in 2018 with the song “Crazy“. The actor and radio host Duško Ćurlić and the actress Elizabeta Brodić complete the trio.

Franka mentioned about her new job that she can learn a lot about this experience and knows exactly how the artists feel on that stage. The former Eurovision artist told HRT that she is very excited, “Dora is a great television project that I love and follow“.

Elizabeta Brodic points out that it is a great honor and responsibility for her to lead such an event with Duško Ćurlić. The actress is known for the series Drugo ime ljubavi (2019), For Good Old Times (2018) and Rest in Peace (2013). Duško Čurlić is best known for hosting the Croatian TV shows Ples sa zvijezdamaZvijezde pjevaju and Kruške i jabuke. He is also the Croatian commentator of the Eurovision Song Cntest and a standard host of DORA (since 2006).

The hosts of DORA 2022: Elizabeta Brodić, Duško Ćurlić and Franka Batelić. Image source: HRT

The editor and project manager of this year’s DORA, Tomislav Štengl, adds: “The upcoming Dora will be a combination of youth and experience. I have to admit that this year it all kind of spontaneously came together“. said about the hosting trio:

“I contacted Elizabeth, whom I noticed a couple of years ago as a young talented actress, but when I heard that she is also a host on a radio that is basically a music radio, I realized that this is the ideal combination. Then, in agreements with HRT, we came up with the idea of Franka as a host and then we ,of course, decided for Duško, an experienced presenter who is already in a way a symbol of Dora and the Eurovision Song Contest with his role of presenter and commentator for more than fifteen years”.

Below you can watch Franka’s Eurovision performance once again:

What do you think about the hosts of DORA 2022? Are you looking forward to this national final? Let us know in the comments!

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