Eurovision France: Listen to the 12 competing songs

February 16, 2022

Eurovision France


Eurovision France participants have been revealed and here are the acts!

We now know the participants in the competition as well as the members of the jury for the French national selection.

It is now time to listen to this edition’s songs!

Pauline Chagne will sing Nuit Pauline accompanied by an electric harp. A song with an 80s sound that fits in with the French musical style of the last few years. 

Saam performs Il est où in which he calls for renewed smile by reconnecting to a childlike candour. Coincidence? Like Amir, the 2016 French representative, he is a dentist.

Julia performs Chut a song that is reminiscent of the early Vanessa Paradis of the “Gainsbourg era”. 

Cyprien Zeni is from the French oversea territory of La Réunion and finalist of The Voice France 2021. His song Ma famille celebrates his loved ones while paying tribute to his Creole roots. 

Alvan & Ahez are singing Fulenn. The effective electro melody combined with the folkloric accents of the song, entirely in Breton, make this track the most singular and intriguing of the selection. 

Hélène in Paris  is a newcomer on the French musical scene. Her song Paris mon amour is her declaration of affection for the French capital, to a jazzy tune.

Elia will perform her song, Téléphone. She wants to be the spokesperson for the “telephone generation” (Gen Z) which “expects nothing from anyone”.

Marius is singing Les chansons d’amour a ballad co-written with Igit – who was also the co-writer of Voilà – and his asset is his sensitivity which is expressed in his embodied performances. 

Joan is the interpret from Madame a song she wrote that evokes the cabaret atmosphere of the 1950s. Retro effect guaranteed and on purpose! 

Between pop and rap SOA a duo originally from Madagascar sings Seule. The song carries a comforting message according to which there is a place for everyone on earth.

Elliott and his performance La tempête offers a mid-tempo ballad with an epic, agitated chorus evoking resistance in the face of adversity.

Last but not least, Joanna and Navigateure offers an up tempo song, a hymn to personal emancipation.

Who’s your favourite and who would be France’s best chance for the Eurovision 2022 according to you guys? Give us your opinion in the comments!

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