Eurovision 2022: discover all the postcard locations – part 1

May 9, 2022


Eurovision week is about to start, and while we can’t wait to see all the acts, here is a tour with our special guide Nicoletta, to all the postcard locations... buon viaggio!

Semi Final 1


Ronela’s postcard will be set in the Nuraghe village in Barumini, Sardinia. This beautiful archaeological site dates back to XVI century BC and looks like it comes straight out of her music video!


Citi Zeni’s postcard will be filmed in the botanical garden of Merano, a wonderful town in the alps of Alto Adige/South Tirol, famous for its spas and its climate.


Monika’s postcard will be located in the medieval part of the city of Bergamo, in Lumbardy, called “Città alta”, whose walls have been declared UNESCO World Heritage Site since 2017.


Marius is travelling from his mountains to the blue sea of the old town of Termoli, a picturesque fortified fishing town in the southern region of Molise.


Lps postcard will show Bagnoregio, a small town on the Lazio hills, whose only access is via a footbridge. It is also known as “the dying city” due to the erosion of its tuff foundation.


Kalush Orchestra’s postcard is showing a city that doesn’t need an introduction: Florence (Firenze in Italian). It will show the extraordinary Boboli Garden, a huge park dating back to the XIV century; Ponte Vecchio and Piazza della Signoria.


Intelligent Music Project’s postcard will be set in Castel del Monte, a XIII century fortress UNESCO heritage site in Andria, Puglia. If it looks familiar, you may have seen it on the 1 eurocent Italian coins!

The Netherlands

S10’s postcard will be filmed in Ravenna. This city in the northern region of Emilia Romagna has been a capital city for three different kingdoms during medieval times, one of these being the ostrogoths, who built a mausoleum for their king, Theodoric.


Zdob si Zdub’s train is stopping by the most famous monument in Urbino, Marche, the Palazzo Ducale a – you guessed it – UNESCO heritage site built for Federico da Montefeltro at the end of 1400.


Genova’s dialect has a very similar sound to Portoguese, maybe for the common sailing past of the two places. Does Maro think Genoa feel like home? Hers will show the Porto Antico (old port) area, that was renovated to host the 1992 World expo.


Mia Dimsic’s postcard will be set in Grinzane Cavour, a town in Piedmont, and its famous wineyards of the Langhe area.


Reddi’s postcard will feature the characteristic and colourful coastal town of Marina Corricella, on the isle of Procida.


Lum!x and Pia Maria won’t have to travel much for their postcard, which will feature the nineteenth-century Miramare Castle, one of the symbols of Trieste.


Systur’s postcard will show Cortina d’Ampezzo, a ski resort town in the Alps in Northern Italy that is hosting the next Winter Olympics.


Honouring the Sicilian rich history and Amanda Tenfjord’s country, her postcard will be set in the ancient Greek city of Selinunte, today an archaeological site.


It seems that Keith and Jim are set to land in the breathtaking natural reserve of Gole del Sagittario and Scanno lake, near L’Aquila, in their postcard. This area has a rich population of wild animals, including…wolves! Fun fact: the wolf is considered the Italian national symbol.


Rosa Linn’s postcard will show the Marmore falls, in Umbria. These breathtaking falls aren’t natural though: the Romans created them! It is the second tallest man-made waterfall in the world.

Stay tuned as we take a look at all the postcard locations for semi final 2 of Eurovision 2022!

What is your favourite postcard location from Eurovision 2022 semi final 1? Let us know in the comments below!

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