Alvan & Ahez will represent France in Eurovision 2022!

March 5, 2022

Eurovision 2022 - Alvan & Ahez


The French have chosen! Alvan & Ahez will take part in Eurovision 2022 with the song Fulenn

After an exciting evening full of great performances Eurovision France c’est vous qui décidez has crowned Alvan & Ahez. They will try to follow Barbara Pravi’s steps after her selection last year.

The winner was determined tonight after two rounds of voting, with the first round narrowing down the acts to six and the second round choosing the winner through a 50/50 combination of jury and public vote.

Here are the results of the French national selection:

1- Alvan & Ahez with 222 points

2- Pauline Chagne with 172 points

3- SOA with 140 points

Those results are slightly different from those expected by our fans according to our latest poll. The six songs that qualified through the second round are:

1- Alvan & Ahez – Fulenn

2- SOA – Seul

3- Pauline Chagne – Nuit Pauline

4- Marius – Les chansons d’amours

5- Cyprien Zéni – Famille

6- Elliott – La Tempête

How did you liked Eurovision France c’est vous qui décidez guys? Who was your favourite and how do you expect France to perform in the upcoming ESC? Let us know your opinion in the comments!

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