Vladana will sing “Breathe/Unforgivable” for Montenegro at the Eurovision 2022

January 5, 2022


In an online press conference, Vladana  and her team shared some clues about their Eurovision 2022 entry. The song is titled Breathe/Unforgivable and it’s a pop mid tempo song with a constant progression and the anthemic end.

–  I decided to write a song in English because it’s the easiest way for me to express my emotions. Furthermore, I think it’s the best way to share a theme of a song.

The song will be released probably at the end of February, since they want to release it accompanied with a video which is yet to be filmed, as she wants the fans to have an audio-visual experience. 

When asked to describe a song in three words, she said: emotional, melancholic and powerful.

Vladana revealed that they haven’t planned the performance yet, but she would prefer to be alone on the stage, since the song is very personal. Also, they could use some inspiration from the music video, such as a piano, since it’s included but not dominant in the song.

As an inspiration for the song, she mentioned her family tragedy that happened last year:

– It all happened one night. I just took my phone and wrote the song in 10 minutes. I struggled for about 10 years to write a good song, and just like that, the song came straight out of my heart. I guess you have to lose something in order to gain.

Her main goal is to perform the song well vocally and emotionally, but also to spread her important message. She would love to qualify to the Grand Final, since Montenegro qualified only two times, but she won’t feel devastated if failed, as long as she’s happy with the performance.

They revealed that this year’s Montenegrin budget is about 28.000 euro only for participation, which is reportedly the smallest price for participation this year. They will also collaborate with different sponsors.

Vladana decided to team up with a claimed producer Darko Dimitrov, who stands by many successful Eurovision entries such as Noth Macedonia 2019 and Serbia 2022. She decided to reach him because she likes his work, especially with the song Proud by Tamara Todevska, who won the jury vote. They also share the Macedonian origin, which created an additional bond between them.

Darko said that he wanted to take a break from Eurovision for one year at least:

–   I  refused Vladana’s demand at first. However, she insisted that I should hear a demo. Once I heard its lyrical content and message, I was amazed and I couldn’t say no. Even though the song is not finished 100%, I think we did a really good job. 

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