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Turkish Fans New Hope In Eurovision lies in Israel!

January 14, 2022


Turkey left Eurovision in 2013 due to the voting system. Although there were rumors that they would return, TRT flatly denied this. Turkish Fans longing for Eurovision was somewhat relieved when Turkish singer Serhat represented San Marino in 2016 and 2019.


Israel decided to choose its 2022 representative with the world famous “X Factor” competition. Netta, who won Eurovision in 2018, is among the judges this season. Eden Alene won the last season of the competition and represented Israel at Eurovision 2021.


Among the 2022 contestants, there is a name that both fascinates the juries with her talent and rekindles the Eurovision fever in Turkey: Linet!


Linet is a Turkish/Israeli singer. She was born in Tel Aviv, Israel. Her mother is one of Turkey’s most important Turkish Classical Music artists. Linet started her musical journey in Israel and developed her career in Turkey. Moreover, this is not Linet’s first attempt for Eurovision. She participated in Israel’s National Selection with her mother in 1993 and sang the song “Ani Ana”.

Linet performed Hanan Ben Ari’s song “Smesh” (The Sun) in the first tour of the X Factor and she managed to impress the jury. Margol, one of the members of the jury, liked her voice very much, and wanted a Turkish song. Then she even accompanied Linet on the stage.

After Linet’s success in the first round of the X Factor, the news took place in the Turkish press for days. Both Eurovision fans and famous singers began to tweet and comment that Turkey should participate in Eurovision on social media and Television.

In addition to Linet, another Turkish/Israeli singer Sapir Sapan wanted to try her luck in the X Factor. She impressed the juries, and made her name among the strong competitors of the competition. Sapir previously participated in the fourth season of The Voice Israel and she won the competition in 2017.

Meanwhile, Linet proved herself in the competition and joined Miri Mesika & Margol’s team. She even performed Helena Paparizou’s song “My Number One” in the X Factor.

It will be the final week of the competition in the next two days. On the evening of January 16, 2021, the final show of the competition will be held, and we will find out who will be the representative of Israel for Eurovision 2022. Eight candidates will compete in the final. Linet and Sapir are among the two candidates who made it to the final. At the moment, the eyes of all Eurovision fans in Turkey and the Eurovision-loving press are on the news from the Israeli television.


Eden Alene represented Israel last year with the song “Set Me Free” and placed 17th in the final with 93 points.

Would you like to see Turkey return to Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below!

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