Three former Eurovision acts among the revealed artists for Eurovizija.LT

December 19, 2023


The Lithuanian broadcaster has revealed the acts competing in Eurovizija.LT 2024.

Earlier today, Lithuanian broadcaster (LRT) revealed the names of the 40 artists who will compete in the new national selection of Lithuania Eurovizija.LT, along with the titles of their songs.

Puppeteer – Agnė Buškevičiūtė
You – Aistay
Hero – Aisté
Sing Me A Hug – Andrius Pojavis
Say No More – Antoine Wend
Paskubėk – Anžela
New Years – April Frey
In The Night – Baltos Varnos
Empty – Clockwork Creep
Cold Shower – Danielė
Blood On Your Hands – Deividas Valma
Rock My Body – Eley
Trophy Wife – Emilija V
Serenade – Freya Alley
Dragons And Rainbows – Hansanova
Time – Il Senso
Fool – Kasparas
Let’s Get Lost – Kotryna
Weightless – Kàro
Perfect – Lina Štalytė

Move On – Luka
Jigsaw – Martin
Done – Mary Mo
Zoo – MeidĖ
Starting Tomorrow – Monika Marija
Vėjas Galvoje – Multiks
It Is What It Is – Paula Urbana
Run – Petras
Be Careful – Pluie De Comètes
Walk Trough Fire – Queens Of Roses
Impossible – Shower
Here We Go Again – Sid Hallow
Luktelk – Silvester Belt
Trauka – Sun Francisco
Simple Joy – The Roop
Us – Thomas G
Kaboom!! – VB Gang
Save Me – Vilija
Gaudė Vėjai – Žalvarinis
Save Me – Živilė Gedvilaitė

In what heat each artists will preform in is still unknown. Eurovizija.LT will have 5 heats on January 13, 20, 27 and February 3 & 10. The final will be on February 17th, the same night as the national finals of Denmark, Moldova and the fellow Baltic country Estonia.

In each heat, 8 artists preform their song. 2 acts will be chosen 50% by Jury voting and 50% by televote. 10 songs will preform in the final, from which 3 songs will qualify for the super final, where the televote alone will select the song for Eurovision 2024.

Eurovision fans will be very familiair with 3 artists on this list who have competed at Eurovision in the past. Most recently, The Roop, who was one of the big favorites to win in 2020 with their catchy tune “On Fire”. In 2021 they won their national final again, and finished a great 8th place in Rotterdam with the song “Discoteque”, Lithuania’s second best finish since joining the contest in 1994. Before these two wins in Lithuania, they participated with the song “Yes I Do” which finished 3th in the national final of 2018.

In 2014, Vilija sang her song “Attention,” which almost qualified for the grand final. Since then she tried to participate for Lithuania again in 2017 with “I See the lights”, 2021 with “Open” and 2022 with the song “101”. Only in 2022 did she qualify for the semi-final again in which she got eliminated. In 2005 Vilija also failed to win with the song “Oh My God” finishing a good 7th out of 20 in the final.

One year earlier in 2013 Andrius Pojavis won his national selection as debute with the song “something”. In the grand final in Mälmo he finished in 22nd. After 2013, Andrius never participated again, but it seems he wants to proof Malmö that he can do even better!

Actually out of the 40 artists competing this year 17 have already participated in a Lithuanian national selection before, here is a quick recap of the other 14 artists, besides the former winners.

Agnė Buškevičiūtė: 2002 – Feelings and 2023 – New Start

Aistay: 2020 – Dangus Man Tu

Baltos Varnos: 2020 – Namų dvasia

Clockwork Creep: 2022 – Grow

Eley: 2018 – This Is My Life

Emilija V: 2022 – Overload

Il Senso: 2023 – Sparnai

Kortyna: 2017 – Love Shadow and 2018 – That Girl

Mary Mo: 2022 – Get Up

Monika Marija: 2018 – The Truth, 2019 – Criminal, 2019 – Light On and 2020 – If I Leave

Multiks: 2012 – Star, 2013 – Crazy and 2023 London

Queens Of Roses: 2017 – Fisherman, 2019 – Runaway and 2022 – Washing Machine

Sun Francisco: 2022 – Dream Again

Živilė Gedvilaitė: 2018 – Melody, 2019 – Learn From Your Love and 2022 – Lioness

Lithuania in the Eurovision Song Contest

Lithuania debuted in 1994 and has since participated 23 times in the Eurovision Song Contest.

The iconic group LT United achieved the country’s best result in the contest, finishing 6th with their song “We Are The Winners” in 2006.

They haven’t won the contest yet; in 2020, they were real contenders, being the number one with the fans and second in the odds.

12 out of 19 times Lithuania qualified for the grand final, 3 times they finished in the top 10 (2006, 2016 & 2021).

What are your thoughts on the line-up for Eurovizija.LT 2024? Let us know down below!

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