TaP music provide update on their Eurovision 2022 journey for the United Kingdom

January 25, 2022


After being announced as collaborating with the BBC for the United Kingdom’s Eurovision 2022 entry back in October, TaP music have remained relatively quiet on the Eurovision front… until now. The music publishing and management company have given an update on how their preparations are coming along.

TaP music have confirmed that as of now, they are in the process of finalising their shortlist of acts for Eurovision 2022, which offer “an incredible mixture of both established, emerging and brand new talent”.

Ben Mawson speaks out

Ben Mawson, the co-founder of TaP Music, has given us some insight into their shortlisting process, and how everything is shaping up: 

“We’re getting really close to making our final decision, we have lots of options and have been pleasantly surprised by how many wonderful artists, both new and more established want to be part of this process with us. Like us, they recognise that Eurovision is the biggest music TV opportunity in the world. It’s a tough decision with so many strong contenders, many with existing European fanbases, which is exciting. When we decide on the act, we will put an incredible team around the chosen act and look forward to sharing news shortly.” 

“It’s been fantastic to work so closely with the BBC on this project so far, in particular Radio1 and Scott Mills – who’s offered incredible insight and has been a major part of the team. Radio 1 – the voice of youth culture – is vital to the Eurovision audience which as we know is skewing younger every year. It’s really important to us that this year’s Eurovision has the feel good factor, we want everyone to get behind the act, enjoy the show and hopefully celebrate a great U.K. performance on the night.”

Ed Millett of TaP music has also offered his thoughts too, reminding everyone in the process that Eurovision is, after all, a song contest: “The challenge has been finding a talent that has both an incredible voice – because live vocals to 200 million people is no easy feat – as well as having incredible stage presence and an unforgettable song – it is the Song Contest after all. The reason we want to do this, whether our act tops the leader board or not, is to do something special on stage that the UK can be proud of.”

Many big names in the music industry have also expressed their support to TaP on their Eurovision journey. The likes of Dua Lipa, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Lana Del Ray and Nile Rogers are all very much in support of TaP’s newest Eurovision venture, with the latter exclaiming:

“Merck and I are both excited that our friends at Tap are getting serious about a real Eurovision effort for the UK. Eurovision is a massive global institution that means so much to so many people around the world and there’s no reason not to have a good UK entry that’s as soon as the pop dominance it delivers to the world daily. It was wonderful to see Maneskin win last year and become a global success story and it’s now time for the UK to once again make its best effort by bringing the very best song possible to the globe.” 

The BBC’s move to TaP music to help find their Eurovision act comes after a two year collaboration with record label BMG came to an unexpected end in 2021. It is unknown at present if this collaboration will continue in 2023.

The United Kingdom’s Eurovision 2022 representative is expected to be revealed on March 10th, with their song to be released commercially through a partnership with a major record label.

Are you excited to hear the United Kingdom’s entry for Eurovision 2022? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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