Galician band Tanxugueiras are favorites to represent Spain in Eurovision 2022

September 10, 2021


The Galician folk band Tanxugueiras have won “La Elección Interna 2022” of the annual poll organized by, which means that the website’s readers have decided their favourite artists to represent Spain in the Eurovision Song Contest 2022.

Tanxugueiras won the poll with their song called “Figa”, which is an amulet against the evil eye, sung entirely in Galician. “Figa” breaks the stereotypes about women and also, as the band describes in, “they show how empowerment, sisterhood and female courage spring from the depths.”

During an interview after their victory, asked the members if they would like to appear for the preselection that TVE (Televisión Española) is organizing in Benidorm. They briefly answered that this victory was unexpected and also, while this took place, they were working on a new album and a new tour. They had no time to really discuss what they are going to do about it, but they do not rule out anything.

The second place of this internal election was for Rigoberta Bandini with the song “Perra”. Rigoberta went viral in Spotify with her song “In Spain we called Soledad” that has almost 6 Million views.

The third place of the internal election was for María José Llergo with the song “La luz”.  María José Llergo sings Flamenco seasoned with all kinds of sounds, as described in her biography. Her first song “do it yourself” was “Niña de las dunas” with the Flamenco guitarist Marc López in 2018.

And the fourth place was for Ana Mena with the song “A un paso de la luna” sang with Italian rapper Rocco Hunt. “A un paso de la luna” was released on August 2020 and since then has turned out to be a big hit on all the radios of Spain and Italy. Also, there is an Italian version “A Un Passo Dalla Luna” and it has over 168 million views, adding the visualizations of the two versions on YouTube.

This victory of Tanxugueiras could also introduce to Benidorm some artists and bands that sing in the other official languages of Spain such as: Euskera, Catalan, Galician…

Would you like to see Tanxugueiras representing Spain at Eurovision Song Contest 2022? What do you think of the rest of the songs? Let us know in the comments below!

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