Take a musical tour of Daði Freyr’s brain

September 11, 2021


Daði Freyr’s originality and musical genius has reached the videogame world. On September 8, 2021, the Icelandic musician, along with Xbox, released a 27-minute video containing new tracks themed around Double Fine’s latest platformer, Psychonauts 2.

Not only is the synth sound indicative of Daði Freyr’s music, but the video has his style all over it. It consists of Freyr performing the songs with a minimal set-up consisting of him and his equipment, surrounded by psychedelic imagery such as televisions on legs dancing around. The idea of the video is Freyr performing the pieces from inside his mind.

Freyr says, “Hi, my name is Daði Freyr and I make music. I also make videos; this is one of those videos. If you like this video, you might like some of my other videos, if you don’t like this video, you still might like some of my other videos, there’s one way to find out really. I want to thank Xbox Game Pass and Psychonauts 2 for trusting me to do my thing, because sometimes my thing can be a little weird. This was a super fun project and a great warmup for me to start the recording of my first full length album. Thank you, thank you, thank you, and also, thank you.”

Consisting of quirky missions and mysterious conspiracies, Psychonauts 2 is a platform-adventure game recently released on Xbox Game Pass. The game has cinematic style cutscenes and tons of customizable psychic powers. As players guide the main character, Raz, on a journey through the minds of friends and foes on a quest to defeat a murderous psychic villain, they experience an equal dose of danger, excitement, and laughs.

You can remember Daði Freyr (along with his band of friends and family) as Iceland’s Eurovision contestant in 2020 with “Think About Things” (a song written about his fellow bandmate and wife, Árný Fjóla Ásmundsdóttir’s daughter, Áróra, born in 2019), and in 2021 with “10 Years” (written about his and Árný’s relationship together).

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