T-Mobile will issue refunds to those whose votes didn’t go through in the grand final

June 6, 2021


Less than a week after the grand final of Eurovision 2021, Dutch broadcaster NOS confirmed that there were some issues with the voting from Dutch viewers. Many people claimed that they received messages hours after the show had finished, telling them that their votes would not be counted. Today, the mobile phone company T-Mobile have said that they will issue refunds to everyone whose votes did not go through when voting in the Eurovision 2021 final. 

T-Mobile are unsure why this happened, and are currently investigating it. Speaking to ad.nl, a spokesperson for T-Mobile has said an investigation is ongoing, but no direct cause has been found yet. T-Mobile’s systems are not showing anything that could explain why this happened. T-Mobile are the only phone company whose customers were affected.

The day after the Eurovision 2021 final, NOS confirmed that The Netherlands televotes in the final will remain valid as they are only able to accept the points which were based on the votes that were incoming at the time of the show. 

Were you affected by these voting issues in the Eurovision 2021 final? Do you think the EBU is right to keep the Dutch televote valid? Let us know in the comments below!

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