Stefania releases New Single ‘Mucho Calor’

June 27, 2021



The Greek and Dutch singer who represented Greece a couple of weeks ago in Rotterdam at The Eurovision Song Contest 2021 has just released a brand new summery single named ‘Mucho Calor’ which translates into ‘Much Hot’ in Spanish.

This up-tempo, Mediterranean pop song is produced by Dimitris Kontopoulos and ARCADE, who were in the production team of ‘Last Dance’ and ‘Supergirl’. 

Since the song is three minutes long it does make us wonder whether ‘Mucho Calor’ was intended for Eurovision, but fell short to ‘Last Dance’ within the Greek delegation’s internal selection?

However, Stefania managed to get Greece back into the top 10 for the first time since 2013, by coming 10th with 170 points with the 80’s vibe embedded ‘Last Dance’.

In summary, if you are excited and want to give the Greek Goddess’s new single a listen then you are in luck as ‘Mucho Calor’ is available on streaming platforms, and you can give it a listen down below.

What do you think about Stefania’s new single? Do you like it? Do you think it was intended for Eurovision? Do you think it’s better than ‘Last Dance’? Let us know in the comments section below!

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