February 2, 2022



The Eurovision hosts were officially announced tonight during Night 2 of Sanremo 2022! Laura Pausini, Mika and Alessandro Cattelan will conduct the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin.

Sanremo-wise, 13 more artists have performed their songs tonight. One the 25 songs presented between last night and tonight will be Maneskin’s successor in Turin 2022. Discover the 13 songs that have been revealed tonight at Sanremo 2022!


World-famous singer Laura Pausini, Mika and Alessandro Cattelan took the stage tonight to announce that they’ll be hosting the Eurovision Song Contest in May 2022. Laura Pausini performed her new single Scatola. She was recently awarded a Golden Globe for Best Original Song with her song Io sì (Seen). Laura Pausini also sang a duet with Mika, and then they were joined on stage by Alessandro Cattelan. The trio is now ready to dive into the conduction of the biggest music competition in the world!

We’ve seen 4 former Eurovision contestants on the Sanremo stage tonight: Emma, Fabrizio Moro, Iva Zanicchi, and guest of honour Ermal Meta.



Sangiovanni, class of 2003, is one of the youngest acts in this year’s Sanremo. He was the first artist performing tonight, and his song Farfalle is an electronic dance song with romantic lyrics. 

Giovanni Truppi

Giovanni Truppi is a songwriter from Naples. His song Tuo padre, mia madre, Lucia has beautiful lyrics that sound like an evolution of old-style Italian “cantautorato”.

Le Vibrazioni

The band Le Vibrazioni make their return to the Sanremo stage with their melodic rock song Tantissimo.


2014 Eurovision contestant Emma is back with a beautiful pop ballad. The title of her new song is Ogni volta è così. Eurofans will be glad to know that the orchestra was conducted by… Maestra Francesca Michielin!

Matteo Romano

Matteo Romano is among the 3 emerging artists who entered Sanremo by competing in the Sanremo Giovani selection. Tonight he has presented an indie-pop song entitled Virale, and it’s very catchy!

Iva Zanicchi

Iva Zanicchi belongs to the Eurovision history books: you will remember her classic entry Due grosse lacrime bianche from 1969. This year she’s back with the song Voglio amarti, but don’t be fooled by her passion on stage: she has already confirmed that she won’t go to Eurovision in case she won Sanremo.

Ditonellapiaga & Rettore

Italian icon Donatella Rettore is back, and she brought a talented friend: Ditonellapiaga (but friends call her Margherita). Together they sing Chimica.


Elisa is back to Sanremo after her 2001 win with Luce. Her new ballad O forse sei tu invites the listener to enjoy every moment in life.

Fabrizio Moro

Fabrizio Moro competed in Eurovision 2018 with Ermal Meta. He’s presenting a song by himself this year: Sei tu.


Tananai comes from the Sanremo Giovani selection. In Sanremo 2022 he’s presenting a song by the title of Sesso occasionale, which seems to be a promise to be faithful in a relationship.


He competed in Sanremo last year, but a member of his staff tested positive for Covid-19 and Irama couldn’t perform on stage. Against all the odds, he still managed to finish 5th. This year he’s back with the ballad Ovunque sarai


Aka7even won the award as Best Italian Act at the 2021 MTV EMAs, managing to beat Maneskin to the title: he sure has a passionate following! The title of his song is Perfetta così.

Highsnob & Hu

Highsnob & Hu have presented their song Abbi cura di te, which seems to be about being in a toxic relationship and inevitably making mistakes.

The complete scoreboard for nights 1 & 2

The journalists in the press room have voted! Tonight’s results were added to the results from Night 1. Here’s the scoreboard for Night 2, and scroll down to find out the overall results!


1. Elisa

2. Emma

3. Ditonellapiaga & Rettore

4. Irama

5. Fabrizio Moro

6. Giovanni Truppi

7. Sangiovanni

8. Matte Romano

9. Highsnob & Hu

10. Iva Zanicchi

11. Aka7even

12. Le Vibrazioni

13. Tananai

Overall scoreboard - Night 1 & Night 2

This scoreboard sums up the votes given by the press juries during the first 2 nights of Sanremo:

1. Elisa

2. Mahmood & Blanco

3. La Rappresentante di Lista

4. Dargen D’Amico

5. Gianni Morandi

6. Emma

7. Ditonellapiaga & Rettore

8. Massimo Ranieri

9. Irama

10. Fabrizio Moro

11. Giovanni Truppi

12. Noemi

13. Sangiovanni

14. Michele Bravi

15. Rkomi

16. Achille Lauro

17. Matteo Romano

18. Highsnob & Hu

19. Giusy Ferreri

20. Iva Zanicchi

21. Aka7even

22. Le Vibrazioni

23. Yuman

24. Tananai

25. Ana Mena

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