February 2, 2022


Sanremo 2022 is finally here! 12 artists have performed their songs tonight, and you can listen to them on all streaming platforms starting… now! The press room will vote tonight and tomorrow night.

We are going live on YouTube tonight right after the show! Follow the live so we can discuss our first impressions together. And don’t forget to vote in our poll, we want to hear who your favourite is so far!

Måneskin's big return as special guests

Måneskin made their return to Sanremo with their song Zitti e buoni, the song which won Sanremo last year and, later on, the 65th edition of the Eurovision Song Contest in Rotterdam. Amadeus picked them up on a golf cart at their hotel and drove them to the Ariston theatre during the livestream of the show. The band also performed their powerful rock ballad Coraline. You can watch their heartbreaking performance on

1, 2, 3... SANREMO!

This year’s Eurovision host country is ready to lay (almost) all the cards on the table: discover the 12 songs that were revealed tonight on the Sanremo stage!

Achille Lauro

Achille Lauro led off the dances on the Ariston stageHe was joined by the Harlem Gospel Choir, and together they performed the song Domenica. The song has a hammering rhythm, despite the melodic twist at the end.


After winning the Sanremo Giovani competition in December 2021, newcomer artist Yuman came back to Sanremo to perform among the “big names” of Italian music. He gave a brilliant performance with his song Ora e qui. As he says in the lyrics of the song, “this is the beginning of the journey”.


After finishing 14th in last year’s Festival (which doesn’t mean that her song wasn’t stunning), Noemi hypnotised the audience of the Ariston theatre with her pop ballad Ti amo non lo so dire, co-written with Dardust and Mahmood – who’s also competing in Sanremo this year.

Gianni Morandi

Italian legend and former Sanremo host Gianni Morandi came back to the Ariston theatre with the song Apri tutte le porte, written by Lorenzo Jovanotti.

La Rappresentante di Lista

After last year’s success, the duo La Rappresentante di Lista returned to Sanremo with an absolute banger that made everyone dance. Their song Ciao ciao was described by the Italian press as “the most suitable for Eurovision.” 

Michele Bravi

Michele Bravi moved us to tears with his ballad Inverno dei fiori. This is his second time on the Ariston stage as a competing artist: he was a revelation in 2017 with the song Il diario degli errori, but he also took part in last year’s Sanremo singing a duet with Arisa on covers’ night. 

Massimo Ranieri

Former Eurovision contestant Massimo Ranieri comes back to the Festival after 25 years of absence. For his 7th participation in the Italian kermesse, he chose the song Lettera di là dal mare, and he was immediately acclaimed by the press for his beautiful lyrics.

Mahmood & Blanco

The bookmakers are already placing their expectations on them… You already know Mahmood, and you’ll be positively surprised by Blanco‘s passion. Together they present a beautiful ballad produced by the Italian hitmaker Michelangelo. It’s called Brividi (“Chills”), and indeed the chills are guaranteed! 

Ana Mena

Ana Mena is one of the many surprises of this Festival. This year she chose the Sanremo stage over the Benidorm Fest, and she’s singing in Italian with lyrics written by Rocco Hunt. Her song Duecentomila ore makes us wish winter were over.


2021 was his year. Rkomi‘s rap album Taxi Driver finished first in last year’s Spotify charts, and now he’s ready for a bigger stage. With his song Insuperabile he’s trying to make rap music attractive to everyone. 

Dargen D'Amico

His name is not very well known in Italy… yet. People will be shocked when they’ll find out that they’ve been singing Dargen D’Amico‘s songs for years. As a matter of fact, he produced and co-wrote many songs by Fedez. His song Dove si balla is a bop and it’s impossible not to dance to the rhythm. 

Giusy Ferreri

And last but not least, Giusy Ferreri comes back to Sanremo with the song Miele, co-written by Takagi & Ketra, Federica Abbate and Davide Petrella. The orchestra is lead by Enrico Melozzi, the Maestro who conducted for Måneskin last year. 

"Make it last"

Those who follow Sanremo know that the Italian motto is “make it last”… Apart from the 12 competing acts, Amadeus and Fiorello welcomed many guests on stage, and they held the audience hostage until 1 AM. 

And here comes the partial scoreboard with the votes from the press room!

Partial scoreboard for night 1

1. Mahmood & Blanco

2. La Rappresentante di Lista

3. Dargen D’Amico

4. Gianni Morandi

5. Massimo Ranieri

6. Noemi

7. Michele Bravi

8. Rkomi

9. Achille Lauro

10. Giusy Ferreri

11. Yuman

12. Ana Mena

13 more artists are going to perform tomorrow night, among them: Emma, Elisa, Fabrizio Moro, and Irama. World-famous singer Laura Pausini will also be a special guest on the 2nd night of the Festival.

POLL: Who was YOUR favourite from Night 1?

You can vote for up to 3 songs…

Now that you’re all caught up, you can go listen to the 12 songs that were revealed tonight. Do you already have a favourite? Who was the best performer? We want to hear your thoughts in the comments below!

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