SANREMO 2022: Unexpected update to the lineup

December 14, 2021


RAI announced an update to the lineup of Sanremo 2022: the upcoming artists from Sanremo Giovani who will add their names to the list of the Sanremo 2022 finalists will be 3 instead of 2, so the artists competing to represent Italy in next year’s Eurovision Song Contest will be 25.

The Sanremo Giovani 2021 final will air on December 15th from the beautiful setting of the Sanremo Casino.

One finalist at risk of elimination

Sanremo 2022 contestants will be on stage as guests and will probably reveal the titles of their songs on Wednesday night.

The twelve finalists for the upcoming artist category were selected by Amadeus and his team to perform on the final night of Sanremo Giovani out of 711 initial candidates. All the songs that made it to the Sanremo Giovani final are already out and available on streaming platforms.

However, one of the artists was at risk of being disqualified for having performed her song on another song contest last summer, but RAI announced that they won’t undertake any disciplinary measures and Littamè won’t be eliminated from the contest.

Meet the artists!

All participants were required to submit one additional original piece to be performed at Sanremo 2022 in case they should win the preliminary phase of the competition. Here’s a list of the artists and their songs:

  • Littamè, Cazzo avete da guardare
  • Bais, Che fine mi fai
  • Destro, Agosto di piena estate
  • Esseho, Arianna
  • Martina Beltrami, Parlo di te
  • Matteo Romano, Testa e croce
  • Oli?, Smalto e tinta
  • Samia, Fammi respirare
  • Senza_Cri, A me
  • Tananai, Esagerata
  • Vittoria, California
  • Yuman, Mille notti

Let's meet them!

Littamè - Cazzo avete da guardare

Littamè was at risk of being disqualified from Sanremo Giovani 2021 until a few hours ago. According to All Music Italia, she already presented her song at the well-known talent show The Coach. She then entered the Area Sanremo contest this autumn, signing an application form in which she declared that her song was unreleased. However, RAI chose to allow the artist to participate in tomorrow’s competition.

Bais - Che fine mi fai

Bais’ sound is a fusion of melancholic pop, R&B and alternative. His song Che fine mi fai is about a complicated love story.

He also plays the piano and the guitar, and has a passion for photography. His debut album Apnea was released by Sugar records in 2020. 

Destro - Agosto di piena estate

Luca Castrignanò, AKA Destro, started singing at age 12 and, shortly afterwards, began writing his first lyrics. Agosto di piena estate (“August in the Middle of Summer”) is about a fictional breakup. 

Esseho - Arianna

Esseho is a songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer. In January 2021 he released his second single Costellazioni, quickly reaching half a million streams on Spotify and being selected by MTV New Generation as artist of the month.

Martina Beltrami - Parlo di te

Martina Beltrami isn’t new to TV music contests: in 2020 she took part in Amici di Maria de Filippi, an Italian talent and reality show for singers and dancers. 

Parlo di te (“I Talk About You”) is a pop-ballad about a break-up. The artist talked about her participation in Sanremo Giovani during an interview with SpettacoloMusicSport: “I don’t have any expectations as I don’t know what will happen, but the only commitment I want to have to myself is to sing, to give my best, and not to make any crazy bloopers.”

Matteo Romano - Testa e croce

In 2020 Matteo released his first song Concedimi, which was certified double platinum. He’s also had the chance to open the concerts of Eurovision 2014 contestant Emma in multiple occasions.

Testa e croce (“Heads and Tails”) is about “realising we want to get away from someone who is not good for us despite still having feelings for them.”

Oli? - Smalto e tinta

Smalto e tinta (“Nail Polish & Hair Dye”) is an ode to self expression.

Oli? talked about the song in an interview: “It’s a song that truly represents me, especially the me of the last few years. An Oli? who has finally reached a personal goal, that of feeling free to express themselves 100%, both aesthetically and sexually, without the fear of being judged or labelled. […] Smalto e Tinta describes the desire and need to love all round, without hesitation, without fear, whatever the ethnicity, race, sex… It is a hymn to feeling free and not discriminating.”

Samia - Fammi respirare

From a very early age, as soon as she woke up she began to sing and dance, revealing her inclination towards the performing arts. She attended the Officine Pasolini, one of Italy’s leading schools for musical and theatrical training, encouraged by the Italian singer and actress Tosca.

At Sanremo Giovani 2021 Samia presents her song Fammi respirare (“Let Me Breath”), in which she expresses a strong need to declare her true feelings to the person she loves.

Senza_Cri - A me

Senza_Cri described her song as “an intense ballad”. She talked about it in an interview: “A me is the story of a girl who looks in the mirror and begins to scrutinise all her flaws and weaknesses, and understands how to make the most of them: by loving herself. […] It’s important to disregard the judgement of others, save the constructive criticism from those who really love us.”

Tananai - Esagerata

Alberto Cotta Ramusino, AKA Tananai, was passionate about music since childhood. He took part in other music projects before changing his stage name to Tananai and diving into the world of indie. He was recently featured on Fedez’s latest album in the song Le madri degli altri.

Vittoria - California

Her genre can be identified as urban-pop, but Vittoria likes to experiment with different music genres.

“This song is about my dualistic relationship with music and art in general. Since I was a little girl, I used to draw and paint, so art has always had a main role in my life.”

Yuman - Mille notti

Yuman described his music project on his YouTube channel: “I was born 23 years ago, from an Italian mother and a Cape Verdean father. In 2015 I took a sabbatical from work and travelled around Europe: from London I moved to Berlin, where I found an artistic melting pot which gave me the opportunity to jam with local musicians. Back to Rome I met the producer and owner of Leave Music, Alberto Quartana, who recognised my talent and proposed my songs to Universal records, and I got signed by the label.”

Road to Sanremo 2022

Amadeus and the members of the RAI Music Commission (Gianmarco Mazzi, Claudio Fasulo, Leonardo De Amicis and Massimo Martelli) will elect the three winners. Who do you think will go to Sanremo 2022? Let us hear your thoughts in the comment section!

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