Sanremo 2022 to go ahead with a reduced audience

January 8, 2022


The Mayor of Sanremo, Alberto Biancheri, has confirmed to ANSA that there will be a reduced audience for Sanremo 2022.

The Mayor explains that the 2022 edition of Festival di Sanremo will go ahead with a reduced audience in the Teatro Artisan, due to the ongoing COVID-19 situation in the country.

"Let’s see what will happen between now and January 10, but it will be a Festival with the public, even if it will not be a one hundred percent Festival like the one of 2019, but it cannot even be compared to last year. Surely it will be a Festival that up to three months ago none of us would have ever imagined having to face. Unfortunately, the infections are high."

Further restrictions ahead

Alongside the reduced audience for Sanremo, the Mayor has also confirmed more restrictions around this years festival, as well as cancellations for Samremo side events.

The Gran Galà della Stampa (Grand Press Gala), which usually takes place the evening before the first night of Sanremo, has been cancelled. A previously planned event in the Piazza Colombo, involving guests performing outside, has also been cancelled due to local restrictions. 

Anyone wishing to attend Sanremo 2022 will need to present a Super Green Card in order to be allowed into the Teatro Artison, as restrictions in Italy are expected to increase from January 10th.

For the actual shows themselves, the artists, hosts and workers will all need to comply with local and national restrictions that are in place. Everyone involved with the shows will need to show a valid Green Pass that confirms full vaccination. Proof of recent recovery from COVID will also be accepted.

"During the rehearsals of each artist, only the representatives of the record company with special passes issued by RAI will be admitted to the Ariston, except for the first rehearsal session, during which an accredited representative of each record company will be allowed to remain in hall for rehearsals. Both during the rehearsals and during the evenings, only one representative for each record company will be admitted in the backstage area, while the accompanying persons (seamstresses, hairdressers, make-up artists, various staff) will have access to the dressing room area in a limited number and however, only if authorized and with a pass issued by RAI."

Il Secolo XIX - Italian newspaper

The 72nd edition of Sanremo will begin on February 1st and end on Febaury 5th. A total of 25 acts are in the running to become defend Måneskin’s Sanremo and Eurovision win. But which act will be the lucky one? Let us know who you would like to win Sanremo 2022 in the comments below!

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