Over €650,000 spent on Malta’s participation in Eurovision 2021

May 27, 2021


The Times of Malta have reported that Malta spent in excess of €650,000 for their participation in Eurovision 2021, with this figure expected to rise to around €700,000 once all the spending has been accounted for. This money was split between the public broadcaster PBS and the Malta Tourism Authority.

It has been reported that The Malta Tourism Authority spent around €350,000 on promoting Je Me Casse on social media. This includes payments for positive reviews from social media influencers and newspapers online. It has been reported that this €350,000 was over budget.

On top of this €350,000, it has been reported that the Maltese broadcaster received a further €300,000, which was spent on Destiny, as well as paying foreign nations to bet on Malta both before and during the contest, which in turn, artificially inflates it’s position in the betting odds.

As previously stated,  Maltese government minister, Carmelo Abelo has ordered an audit on all of Malta’s Eurovision 2021 expenditures, following claims that taxpayers money was unfairly spent on promoting their entry and manipulating the betting odds.

What are thoughts on this news? Are you surprised that Malta has spent so much money on their Eurovision 2021 participation? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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