Oklahoma’s AleXa Declared Winner of American Song Contest

May 10, 2022



After a long 8 weeks, the American Song Contest has a winner!

Tulsa-born K-pop singer AleXa snagged 56 points from the national juries and a whopping 654 points from the public vote, totaling 710 points. She was presented with a golden glass microphone similar to the one given to the winner of Eurovision, and performed an encore of her song “Wonderland.”

Second place went to Colorado’s Riker Lynch who finished with a total of 503 points and third place to Kentucky’s Jordan Smith.

Washington State’s Allen Stone won the national jury vote with 105 points but only received 254 points from the public for a total of 359 points, landing in fifth place.

The jury votes were grouped by region and the douze points were given by contestants who previously performed in the competition but did not qualify for the finals. Virginia’s Almira Zaky, Hawaii’s Bronson Varde, and Wyoming’s Ryan Charles were among those presenting the jury results.

Here are the final results:

Place State/Territory Artist Song Jury Vote Public Vote Total
1 Oklahoma AleXa “Wonderland” 56 654 710
2 Colorado Riker Lynch “Feel The Love” 25 478 503
3 Kentucky Jordan Smith “Sparrow” 79 328 407
4 Texas Grant Knoche “Mr. Independent” 42 324 366
5 Washington Allen Stone “A Bit of Both” 105 254 359
6 American Samoa Tenelle “Full Circle” 37 305 342
7 Connecticut Michael Bolton “Beautiful World” 40 298 338
8 Alabama Ni/Co “The Difference” 60 225 285
9 North Dakota Chloe Fredericks “Can’t Make You Love Me” 48 219 267
10. Tennessee Tyler Braden “Seventeen” 88 163 251

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