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Norway’s Atmospheric First Rehearsal of “Ulveham”

April 30, 2024


Norway’s Gåte took the stage in Malmö with their captivating performance of “Ulveham,” a folk-inspired tale of intrigue and darkness. With over two decades of experience together, Gåte’s sound blends rock with Norwegian folk traditions, creating a hauntingly atmospheric vibe.

Credit: Sarah-Louise Bennett/EBU

The stage setup evoked the dark, mystical atmosphere of the song, reminiscent of Gåte’s performance at Melodi Grand Prix but on a grander scale. A slow-spinning platform adorned with rocks and trees created a gothic terrarium effect, enhanced by spooky swirling graphics, atmospheric lasers, and eerie green spotlights.

Lead singer Gunnhild stunned in a dark green ensemble featuring wide trousers and a matching top adorned with woven leaves across one shoulder, perfectly complementing the song’s mystical theme.

Credit: Sarah-Louise Bennett/EBU

In a dramatic finale, guitarist Magnus threw his guitar high into the air, adding an element of excitement to the performance.

Capturing the essence of “Ulveham,” Gåte delivered a performance filled with pounding drums, powerful vocals, and a compelling atmosphere that left a lasting impression.

@eurovision Fireflies, guitar throwing, a spinning rock platform… Malmö is living for @GÅTE dark woodscape 🇳🇴 #Eurovision2024 ♬ original sound - Eurovision

Were you captivated by Gåte’s mystical performance of “Ulveham”? Share your thoughts in the comments below! Let us know what elements of their atmospheric stage presence resonated with you during this haunting Eurovision rehearsal.

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