Norway MGP heat 2: Gåte,Dag Erik Oksvold & Anne Fagermo & Super Rob, Erika Norwich to the Final

January 20, 2024

Melodi Grand Prix 2024 heat 2 contestants


Another week, another Melodi Grand Prix heat!

The Norwegian national selection which will determine the country’s representative for Eurovision 2024 hold its second show tonight. Last week, the first heat took place and the public has chosen its favorites.

Six contestants, competed against each other. The lineup for the night was as follows:

  1. Farida – “Heartache
  2. Mileo – “You’re Mine
  3. Eli Kristin – “Touch of Venus
  4. Super Rob, Erika Norwich – “My AI
  5. Dag Erik Oksvold & Anne Fagermo – “Judge Tenderly of Me
  6. Gåte – “Ulveham

Three artists validated their tickets for the final, Super Rob, Erika Norwich; Gåte and Dag Erik Oksvold & Anne Fagermo will compete in the final show on February 3rd!

Last year, Alessandra represented Norway with the song “Queen of Kings.” Alessandra scored 268 points in the final, finishing in 5th place.

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