Nikoloz Kajaia wins Georgia’s ticket to Junior Eurovision 2021!

November 13, 2021


Nikoloz Kajaia has won Georgia’s ‘Ranina’ and is set to represent the country at Junior Eurovision 2021 in Paris!

After 9 shows 3 singers were left in the race to represent Georgia. these were:

  • Barbare Makhatadze (3rd place)
  • Gega Shonia (2nd place)
  • Nikoloz Kajaia (1st place)

The winner was chosen by 100% jury voting. The jury consisted of:

  • Sopho Khalvashi
  • Beka Gochiasvili
  • David Evgenidze

More information on the song Nikoloz will take to Paris will be revealed at a later date!

Georgia at Junior Eurovision

When Georgia joined Eruvovision in 2007, they also debuted in Junior Eurovision. Mariam Romelashvili finished 4th with her song Odelia Ranuni. Since debuting in 2007, Georgia has never missed a contest. Georgia is the country with the most junior Eurovision Song Contest wins. They won the contest 3 times, in 2008 with Bzz…, in 2011 with Candy Music, and their latest victory was in 2016 with Mzeo. On top of the country’s 3 wins, they have also finished second twice, in 2012 and 2017. Despite winning the contest 3 times, they have only hosted the contest once, in 2017. 

Photo credit: Ranina/GPB

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