Nevena Božović releases music video for her song ”Ljubi”

May 28, 2021


Nevena Božović, who represented Serbia twice in the Eurovision Song Contest, just released the music video of her new song ”Ljubi”.

With “Ljubi“, Nevena Božović Ivanović announced her return to the stage and the song has already been one of the most listened songs on Serbian radio stations for two months now. Nevena said about the song: 

”From the first verse of this song I had a picture in my head of what that video might look like. The song “Ljubi” is a modern ballad, but it has something in it that is “retro” and I immediately liked it very much.”

She also mentioned that:

This song is the result of several months of intensive work. This is a new musical phase and with the song “Ljubi” I wanted to announce a different sound and I can’t wait to see what the reactions of the audience will be.”

Nevena became famous with hits like “Bal“, “Jasno mi je“, “Kruna“, “Znam da noćas gubim te” and “Siesta” that have millions of views on all music platforms and fans predict that “Ljubi” could be one of the most listened songs this summer.

She performs her new song accompanied by a white piano and three white cellos, with a powerful production that highlighted the romantic vision and message of the song, whose musical authors are Milenko Škarić and Teodora Kunić, while the text is signed by Teodora Kunić.

Here you can listen to ”Ljubi”:

Nevena already participated twice at the Eurovision Song Contest: 2013 as part of the group ”Moje 3” with the song ”Ljubav Je Svuda” and 2019 with the ballad ”Kruna”.

What do you think about ”Ljubi”? Do you like the music video? Let us know in the comments.

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