Montaigne releases new details about her Eurovision 2021 entry

March 2, 2021


The Australian artist for Eurovision 2021 indulges in her confidences! Montaigne published her first vlog, which consists of a short video in which she gives information about her Eurovision performance.

Yesterday, we revealed some details about her song. Today we get into the performance details.
Montaigne has revealed she has worked with Dave Hammer on the song for this year’s contest.

In her video, Montaigne explains her working relation with him:  “He’s really cool, we get along immensely well, it’s really easy to work with him… I’ve been making music with him for the past eight months… it’s been inspired by hyperpop like Rina Sawayama and Charlie XCX.” 

Let us hope for a fruitful collaboration to allow Montaigne to express all her art talent.

Montaigne originally won the right to represent Australia at Eurovision 2020 with Don’t Break Me and was internally selected for 2021 following the cancellation of Eurovision 2020.

Are you guys excited about Montaigne’s performance? What do you expect from Australia this year? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

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