Will Montaigne be singing ‘Technicolour’ in Rotterdam?

March 1, 2021


Ahead of the reveal for her Eurovision 2021 song this month, Australian representative Montaigne posted a teaser video to her Twitter page. Song identifier app Shazam is identifying the song as Technicolour, and was registered on the Australian Performing Rights Association database last month.

After Australian broadcaster SBS announced that Montaigne would be representing them in 2021, she has been teasing several songs as a potential Eurovision entry including JC Ultra which is co-written by Diane Warren and a ‘fun’ song written during the summer.

Technicolour is written by Montaigne herself and David Karam Hadad. In January, another vocal clip thought to be from Technicolour was showcased on Montaigne’s TikTok. However, it was not stated at the time if this was a potential Eurovision 2021 entry for Australia.

Jessica Cerro, better known musically as Montaigne, is an Australian singer and songwriter from Sydney. She has had a debut album and singles which have achieved top five in the ARIA charts in Australia. 

In 2020, she won the Australian Eurovision selection Australia Decides with Don’t Break Me and was due to represent Australia at the Eurovision Song Contest later that year. 

However due to the coronavirus pandemic, the contest was cancelled and Australian broadcaster SBS announced that Montaigne would represent them in 2021.

Are you hoping Technicolour is Montaigne’s Eurovision 2021 entry? Let us know in the comments below or on our social media!

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