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Mahmood and Blanco return to Sanremo in 2023 as opening act for the first night

January 2, 2023


It has been confirmed that Mahmood and Blanco will open the 73rd Festival di Sanremo later this year.

Conductor and artistic director for Sanremo has confirmed that reigning champions Mahmood and Blanco will have the honour of opening the first night of Sanremo 2023.

It is typical of previous Sanremo winners to perform the following year, as we saw with Måneskin in 2022 and Diodato in 2021. It is seen as a way of metaphorically passing the baton to the singers of the current edition of the festival.

The 73rd edition of Festival di Sanremo will take place between February 7th to February 11th, and will be comprised of five live shows at it’s home in Teatro Artisan in Sanremo, Liguria.

  1. Night 1 – the first 14 competing artists perform their entries
  2. Night 2 – the remaining 14 competing artists perform their entries
  3. Night 3 – All 28 artists perform their entries
  4. Night 4 – All 28 competing artists perform a cover of a song of their choice, either alone or as a duet with a guest performer
  5. Night 5 – All 28 acts perform their entries again, with the top 3 scoring entries advancing to the final round. The winner of the final round becomes Italy’s Eurovision 2023 representative.

Are you excited to see Mahmood and Blanco returning to Sanremo as guest performers? Which songs would you like to see them perform? Let us know in the comments below!

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