Kalush Orchestra sell Eurovision trophy for $900,000

May 29, 2022



Kalush Orchestra have sold their winning Eurovision trophy for $900,000!

During a charity concert in Kyiv, “Save Ukraine – #StopWar”, reigning Eurovision champions Kalush Orchestra put their trophy up for sale. The groups rapper Oleh Psiuk auctioned off not only the Eurovision trophy, but also his pink bucket hat, bringing in an impressive $900,000 (approximatley 838 Euros). The money raised will go to the Ukrainian Army, by buying a PD-2 Drone for them.

The trophy was awarded to the person who made the biggest donation to the Serhiy Prytula Charity Foundation. Oleh’s pink bucket hat however was won at random. All interested persons could pay 200 hryvnas (approximately five Euros) to enter the raffle to win the hat. They could enter as many times as they wanted to, and the winner was picked at random.

Were you expecting Kalush Orchestra’s winning Eurovision trophy to be sold for as much as $900,000? Let us know in the comments below!

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