Junior Eurovision 2021: The logo for this year’s contest in Paris revealed!

August 24, 2021



With the Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021 coming soon in a few months, the contest is starting to shape up. We have the venue, which is La Seine Musicale in Paris, and now the official logo of of this year’s junior edition of the contest has been revealed!

The theme art appears to look like a shooting star which suspiciously seems to resemble the shape of the Eiffel Tower, which seems very fitting considering that the host city of this year’s contest is Paris. 


The inspiration behind the logo

According to the Junior Eurovision website, there were three inspirations to the design: Imagination, Christmas and Paris

How imagination ties to this logo is that it resembles a rocket. A rocket is able to reach for the stars, which is often a saying of to dream big.

When looking at the logo, you can also say that the logo also resembles a Christmas tree with a star on top. It is fair to say that a Christmas tree is a poignant symbol for Christmas. Also, considering the date of the contest is very close to Christmas time, it’s very fitting to have this as an inspiration.

Finally, as said above, the logo also resembles the Eiffel Tower, the most iconic and recognisable landmark in Paris. So with all of these inspirations tied together, we have our official logo!

Details about this year's contest

The 2021 edition of the Junior Eurovision Song Contest will take place on the 19th December 2021 in La Seine Musicale, Paris. The slogan for this year will be Imagine, a simple and effective slogan which was largely inspired by the French winning song of the previous year, J’imagine by Valentina. 15 countries have announced their interest in participating this year, with Albania, Azerbaijan, Ireland, North Macedonia and Portugal returning to the contest. Belarus will not take part in this contest, due to the Belorussian broadcaster BTRC was expelled from the European Broadcasting Union.

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