Italy: rumoured 16 out of 22 Sanremo artists leaked

December 3, 2021


With the next edition of the Eurovision Song Contest being held in Italy, spotlights are pointed towards the 2022 edition of the historic festival which will give us the next Italian representative: Sanremo. Expectations are very high, while there are many rumours circulating around the artists taking part in the competition next February.

A change in the rules

First of all, let’s notice that Rai decided to change the rules for the unveiling of the artists competing in next year’s festival. After some leaks regarding the names of 16 out of the 22 “campioni” that will participate in the 72nd edition of the Festival, Rai management decided to change the rules. Until yesterday, December 2, Rai was expected to reveal the competitors on December 15, during the final of Sanremo Giovani; now, it will be in the faculty of Amadeus, the artistic director of the Festival, to unveil the protagonists of Sanremo 2022 at any time he prefers. On December 1, the Italian weekly magazine “Chi” directed by Alfonso Signorini (host of the Italian version of the “Big Brother”) announced the first 16 “bigs” in the race. Among them we found Gianni Morandi, Elisa, Fabrizio Moro, Giusy Ferreri, Emma, Ariete and many other interesting names. Here we have the official announcement made by Rai:

“The Board of Rai1, availing itself of the faculties of the paragraph ‘amendments and additions to the regulation’ of the paragraph ‘General and final provisions’, proceeds to the following amendments to the Regulation itself: the methods of communication of the artists chosen by the artistic director for the participation in the competition change, giving the faculty to the Artistic Director and Rai to reveal the artists starting on December 2, 2021. The commitment is maintained for the aforementioned artists to participate in the final evening of Sanremo Giovani scheduled for December 15, 2021, in Sanremo.”

Who are the artists?

Let’s now meet the first 16 artists rumoured to be taking part in Sanremo’s next edition. the names published by the weekly magazine “Chi” include Emma, Elisa, Boomdabash, Donatella Rettore with Ditonellapiaga, Tecla with Alfa, Rkomi, Aka7even, Aries, The Orchestraccia, Giovanni Caccamo, Le Vibrazioni, Giusy Ferreri, Fabrizio Moro, Il Tre, Eugenio in Via di Gioia with Elio and Gianni Morandi.

Big names like Elisa, winner of Sanremo 2001 and famous Italian hitmaker, Emma, Italian representative in Eurovision 2014 and X-Factor Italia judge, Fabrizio Moro, Eurovision 2018 participant and Sanremo winner, and Gianni Morandi were already rumoured last month, while younger participants, as rappers Aka7Even, Best Italian Act at the EMA 2021, Rkomi and il Tre will surely please the newest generations, which are starting to reconsider the festival after the novelties introduced in the last few years.

If this list was true, there would be six missing spots. One of these, according to “Il Fatto Quotidiano Magazine”, could be covered by Massimo Ranieri, Italian representative at the Eurovision Song Contest in 1971 and 1973; if he will take part in the competition, it would be exactly 25 years since his last participation.

Other names on the plate would be Matteo Bocelli, son of Andrea Bocelli, well-known Italian tenor, Modà, Noemi (already seen on different occasions at the Festival), Maria Antonietta and Federico Rossi. Other names include Irama, last year 5th place with “La genesi del tuo colore”, whose participation was affected by one of his strict collaborators’ covid positivity and he was obliged to participate showing only the recording of his rehearsals, and Margerita Vicario, recognised as one of  the best song-writer of the newest Italian generation of artists.

Who would you like to see on the Sanremo 2022 stage? Make sure to tell us in the comments!

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