“I almost had a crying fit before going on stage at the Eurovision Festival,” confessed Vincent Bueno

June 9, 2021



Chosen internally to represent Austria at Eurovision 202l, after the cancellation of the 2020 edition, singer Vincent Bueno revealed, in an interview with Meinbezirk, that participation in the event, which he described as the “high point of my career”, marked the end of his participation in contests: “This was my last participation in a contest. I don’t want to be judged anymore” he said.

However, Vincent Bueno sums up his participation in Rotterdam as “an extremely pleasant experience that I didn’t want to miss in my musical career”, highlighting the strong emotional impact of his ascent to the Eurovisive stage: “I only had 15 seconds to go on stage. Before my performance in the semifinals, I was overwhelmed by my feelings. I was so emotionally charged at that moment that I almost had a fit of tears before taking the stage. I saw my life unfold before my eyes,” he confessed, assuring that he was “eternally grateful to the contest for the impact it had on his career.” “Above all, I’m aware of why I make music. And first and foremost, I make it for my fans.”

What’s your thoughts about the singer’s decision?

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