How many people tuned in to Eurovision 2022? European countries reveal viewing figures for the contest – part 1

May 20, 2022



With just under one week since the grand final of Eurovision 2022, European countries (plus Australia!) have been revealing their viewing figures for the contest.

The viewing figures for each country are a real mixed bag, with some countries reported record breaking viewing figures, whilst other countries are at the other end of the spectrum, and struggling to pull in the viewers. Let’s take a look at all the countries so far who have revealed their figures.


Austrian broadcaster ORF have confirmed that they reported their lowest audience for a Eurovision grand final since 2013. An average of 503,000 people watched the grand final on ORF 1, providing an audience share of 30.2%, with 422,000 viewers for Semi Final 1 and 232,000 viewers for Semi Final 2. Despite this being Austria’s lowest viewing figures since 2013, it is still an increase of around 90,000 viewers from the 2021 contest.


SBS report that Eurovision 2022 had a total of 400,000 viewers in total, watching either live or on replay, with around 196,000 tuning in live on Sunday morning and around 204,000 catching-up on the replay on Sunday evening. These figures show an increase of around 112,000 viewers compared to the 2021 contest.


Flemish channel Eén have reported that a total of 1,066,869 tuned in the Eurovision 2022 grand final, making it the most watched show on Eén that day. 577,026 viewers tuned in to semi final 1 whilst 705,152 tuned in to semi final 2.

Meanwhile, Waloon broadcaster La Une have reported 352,324 viewers for the final. Semi final 1 had 107,969 viewers whilst Semi Final 2 had 277,896 viewers.


Denmark saw its lowest viewing figures for a Eurovision grand final since 2007. With 529,000 tuning in on Saturday night, it is a decrease of around 4,000 viewers from the 2021 contest. 480,000 viewers tuned in to watch Reddi perform in Semi Final 1.


Eurovision became the most viewed on Yle1 on Saturday as the grand final pulled in over 2 million viewers, just 0.4 million lower than the 2021 final. An average of 1.4 million viewers tuned in to see The Rasmus take Finland into the final for a second year running.


France saw its lowest viewing figures for a Eurovision final since 2014, with an average of 3,175,000 viewers. This is around 2 million less viewers than in 2021 when France was pipped to the post by Italy to win Eurovision.


Germany’s average viewership of 6.54 million is the lowest viewing figures for a Eurovision final since 2008. However, despite this, it is still an increase of 6% from 2021.


Just under 2 million viewers, 1,955,000 to be exact, tuned in to the grand final of Eurovision 2022 in Greece, with a market share of 52.2%. The viewing figures for the semi finals were very close, with 644,000 viewers for the first semi final and 684,000 viewers for semi final 2.

Stay tuned for part 2 of the viewing figures for Eurovision 2022. Do any of these figures surprise you? Let us know in the comments below!

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