Her not so Impossible Dream: Glennis Grace is the new judge on The Voice Of Holland

July 9, 2021

Glennis Grace Eurovision


While we are still thinking about the amazing act by Dutch dj Afrojack and Glennis Grace at this years Eurovision, the singer confirmed on her Instagram she will be the new face on the judge-panel of the popular TV show The Voice Of Holland.

Dreams can come true!

On her Instagram she writes “Dreams can come true” so we cam assume she is excited to join Waylon, Anouk and Ali B on the show.

Even though her other Impossible Dream wasn’t the greatest success of her career back at The Eurovision Song Contest in 2005, let’s hope this dream will have a better outcome. 

The Voice Of Holland and Eurovision

It seems like the producers of The Voice Of Holland are big Eurovision fans! Glennis will join previous Eurovision contestants Anouk and Waylon on the judging panel, and the program is hosted by none other than one of our Eurovision hosts in 2021, Chantal Janzen!

The Voice Of Holland was also the kickstarter of our Dutch Eurovision hero of 2019, Duncan Laurence. 

The 2019 Eurovision winner competed in the program in 2014. It was the first time The Netherlands could enjoy his soothing voice and lovely sound. Even though he did not win The Voice Of Holland (he made it to the semi-finals), he can still thank his former The Voice Of Holland coach Ilse de Lange (The Common Linnets, Eurovision 2014) for winning The Eurovision Song Contest 2019, since she was the one who suggested participating in the contest to him. 

Could it be that Grace will scout the next Eurovision act of The Netherlands 2022? What do you think? Let us know in the comments!

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