Helena Paparizou releases music videos of her new album ”Apohrosis”

| February 27, 2021

Helena Paparizou is back with a bang! The winner of the Eurovision Song Contest 2005 (”My Number One”) released the long awaited tenth studio album ”Apohrosis” which is her seventh album in Greek language. 

Her new album was released on January 29, 2021 and features thirteen songs, including a duet with Sakis Rouvas who represented Greece twice in the Eurovision Song Contest. ”Apohrosis” is the first album in which every song has its own music video. Besides, it is the second completely Greek languaged album after her debut solo album ”Protereotita”.

The thirteen tracks in the album stand for the ”thirteen shades of Helena” and reveal the depth of her music range over the past 22 years of her illustrious career. Each of the thirteen songs has been released with music videos as part of ”Project Apohrosis”.

You can find a teaser clip for the album below:

The last music video has been released on February 25, 2021. Now the album is completely published and the thirteen songs together with their music videos are to find on Helena’s official YouTube channel.

Helena at Eurovision:

Helena Paparizou participated twice at the Eurovision Song Contest, for the first time as a member of Antique in 2001 with the song ‘‘(I would) Die For You” where they placed 2nd in the final. Helena tried it again in 2005 as a solo artist , managed to win Eurovision with the song ”My Number One” and brought the Eurovision Song Contest to Athens the year after where she opened the show with her winning song and later performed her song ”Mambo!”.

Helena’s winning performance at the Eurovision Song Contest of 2005:

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