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Germany reveals the shortlisted 8 entries for the German National Final

January 27, 2023


Update from Germany: The 8 entries that participate in the German National Final 'Unser Song Für Liverpool' have been revealed!

Artists from all over Germany had applied with their videos to represent Germany at the Eurovision Song Contest 2023. A jury selected the 8 best songs from all applications, the 9th song will be chosen on TikTok. There, the voting is carried out by the fans – the winner then automatically qualifies for the German National Final.

Those are the 8 entries that have been chosen:

1. Will Church: “Hold On

2. Patty Gurdy: “Melodies Of Hope

3. Lonely Spring: “Misfit

4. Anica Russo: “Once Upon A Dream” 

5. Lord of the Lost: “Blood And Glitter

6. Frida Gold: “Alle Frauen In Mir Sind Müde

7. René Miller: “Concrete Heart

8. Trong Hieu Nguyen: “Dare To Be Different

Six other entries selected by the ESC editors who have applied via TikTok are up for voting until February 3rd at 8 pm. One vote can be cast per day. The act with the most votes gets the still open place in the National Final.

Those are the shortlisted TikTok entries:

1. Jona: “10/10”

2. Leslie Clio: “I Can Almost Be Alone Now”

3. Nashup, Mitchy & André: “Summertime”

4. Betül: “Heaven”

5. From Fall To Spring: “Draw The Line”

6. Ikke Hüftgold: “Lied mit gutem Text”

Do you know any of the chosen artists? Are you excited for Germany’s entry this year? Let us know in the comments!

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