Full Results of Festival da Canção Revelead

March 16, 2022

Maro winner Results


Festival da Canção full results shared by RTP.
Semi-final 1 was won by Maro, and Milhanas was the semi-final 2 winner.

After last saturday final won by Maro with the song Saudade SaudadeRTP revealed the full results of both semi finals

The voting system  was the same as previous years 50% for televoting and 50% for a professional jury, and in case of a tie in the semi-finals the jury vote prevails. 

On semi-final 1, Maro received the 12 points of the jury vote, but the public vote was won by Os Quatro e Meia.

Maro received the 12 points of the jury, but only received 10 by the public, making a total of 22 points (12J+10P), enough to win this semi.

In second place with 18 points (6J+12P) we have Os Quatro e meia, that only received 6 points by the jury, but from the public they got the most points, 12. 

In third place with 16 points (8J+8P) we have FF, earning the same amount of points from the jury and public.

Diana Castro, is the jury second place with 10 points, but only received 4 among the public, making a total of 14 points (10J+4P), getting a 4th place.

The last qualifier, at 5th place it’s Aurea, One of the fan favourites, with also 14 points (7J+7P). Aurea had the same amount of points then Diana, but received less from the jury so stays one place behind of Diana. 

In semi-final 2, Milhanas won the Jury vote and Inês Homem de Melo the public vote.

The second semi-final was won by Milhanas with the song “Corpo de Mulher”, receiving a total of 20 points, 12 from the jury and 8 from the public. A surprise winner from this semi-final.

In second place with a total of 19 points (7J+12P) we have Inês Homem de Melo with her song “Fome de viagem”, receiving the most amount of votes from the public. 

The african beats of Pongo & Tristany, got the 3rd place with 16 points, the number 2 of the jury with 10 points and 6 from the public. 

In 4th place, Syro, one of the favourites to win, just got a shocking 4 points from the jury, but been the second place of the public, made the qualification possible.

In the last place of qualification we have a surprise qualifier, Pepperoni Passion. The band became the 3rd favourite of the jury, making possible they qualification. 

Check below the full results

SF1 results

Portugal will be represented by Maro with the Song Saudade Saudade at Eurovision 2022.

Maro won both televote and jury vote on the final and will fly the Portuguese flag to Turin.

Are you happy with this choice? Tell us on the comments, but first check our interview with her after winning Festival da Canção. 

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