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March 21, 2023



The head of the French delegation opens up about Eurovision 2023

In a prolific interview on the French podcast “12 points” Alexandra Redde-Amiel presents La Zarra potential stagings.

Several elements are thus revealed to the public and testify once again to the involvement of the head of delegation and her desire to do her best to give France every chance.

Accessories, decorations, new ideas for France!

During the interview one particular piece of information came out, France will be using a set designer for the first time to help with the staging. This is a common practice for many of the participants, but an innovative one for France Télévisions.

The delegation also selected a director of photography to design the three minutes of the performance and to ensure that the performance was harmonious and cohesive: “We wanted to involve a lot of different professionals to make a big light show,” the head of the delegation told the podcast.  The staging will also involve “a prop, a accessory” and adds enigmatically that something else “very nice is going to happen” during La Zarra’s performance. However, just like during the song reveal, the artist will be alone on stage. This should put to rest the fears of some fans.

No ranking objective

The scenography was worked on in close collaboration between France Télévisions and La Zarra. “We suggest a lot of things and she comes back saying: ‘I love it’, ‘I see things like that’. I’m very lucky to have a real creative artist”, said Alexandre-Redde Amiel. No details about the outfit have been revealed yet, but the general idea is to bring out the diva side of the singer to reveal her personality : “I wanted something that was both fashionable and out of the ordinary”, which means that expectations are now high!

Without giving too many details, Alexandre Redde-Amiel indicates that France will try to take the opposite of Sweden in the staging and does not make any prognosis on the final classification. La Zarra publicly repeats that she is aiming for victory, a victory that France has been waiting for for 46 years.

Are you excited to see La Zarra stagging and do you believe she has chances to win? Give us your thoughts in the comments!

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