Estonia, Lithuania and Netherlands become latest countries to call on EBU to remove Russia from Eurovision 2022

February 25, 2022


The national broadcasters of Estonia, Lithuania and The Netherlands have become the latest countries to call on the EBU to remove Russia from Eurovision 2022, in light of current events between Russia and Ukraine.

At present, broadcasters from eight participating countries in this years contest have called on the EBU to remove Russia from Eurovision 2022, with Ukraine being the first to do so. We have also seen Latvian representatives, Citi Zēni, have also called on the EBU to remove Russia from Eurovision 2022.

Erik Roose, Chairman of the Board of Estonian Broadcaster ERR, has said that Estonia would withdraw from Eurovision 2022, should Russia be allowed to participate.

“Obviously, it is inconceivable that Estonia will participate in Eurovision in a situation where Russia participates there, but in this case Ukraine will not. Our colleagues from other Baltic countries will apparently share this view. We will continue to communicate with the EBU as the organizer of the song contest.”

Head of LRT Monika Garbačiauskaitė-Budrienė, has joined Estonia in calling for the withdrawal of Russia from Eurovision 2022. Monika has detailed in a letter to the Eurovision Song Contest Reference Group as to why Russia should not be allowed to participate in this years Eurovision.

“The rules of the organization and the Eurovision Song Contest cannot prevent a proper response to criminals. Next week, we will invite other countries to join a joint statement calling for Russia’s exclusion from Eurovision. We use all means to achieve our goal.”

Eric van Stade, the Director-General of Dutch broadcaster AVROTROS has called on the EBU to suspend Russia’s membership in the union, and for the country to be withdrawn from Eurovision 2022.

“Personally and also as director of AVROTROS I no longer want to remain silent. This is the time for Europe to unite and show what we stand for. Russia’s military actions have long since ceased to be about politics; this is a gross violation of universal values ​​such as sovereignty and human rights. I also ask other countries to speak out and call on the EBU to suspend Russia from EBU membership, so that they can no longer participate in the Eurovision Song Contest in Turin.”

At present, it is unknown what will happen with Russia’s participation in Eurovision 2022, or whether these broadcasters will withdraw from the contest.

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