EBU has planned three scenarios for Junior Eurovision 2021

August 25, 2021



Just one day after the logo was revealed for The Junior Eurovision Song Contest 2021, the European Broadcasting Union have now outlined three possible scenarios for this years contest in December. Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the EBU have come up with three different scenarios, similar to what was planned for Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam.

"Similarly to Eurovision, we are planning a number of scenarios for this year’s Junior Eurovision with the objective of making sure that everyone can enjoy the first Junior Eurovision to be held in France"

European Broadcasting Union

Scenario A

Under scenario A, the contest would take place as normal (as it was in pre-covid times), with no restrictions in place. La Seine Musicale will have full capacity, and all delegations will travel to Paris, with all participants rehearsing and performing there.

This scenario is very unlikely due to the restrictions currently in place in France, and the vaccination rollout having not yet been completed.

Scenario B

Scenario B would see a socially distanced contest in Paris, with restrictions and health and safety measure in place. Similar to Eurovision 2021, all delegations would be able to travel to, and perform in, Paris. Under this scenario, all participants must record a live-on-tape performance in the event they are unable to travel to Paris.

If scenario B goes ahead, similar guidelines to what we saw in Rotterdam would be applied. The audience capacity in La Seine Musicale would be reduced, in accordance with restrictions in place in Paris at the time. Press and delegations would need to take a negative PCR test before being allowed in to the venue. There would be a mix of press on site and online.

Scenario C

Scenario C is similar to scenario B, but with more restrictions in place. Some countries will be able to travel to Paris, but for those who are unable to do so, their live-on-tape performance will be used instead, as we saw with Australia in Eurovision 2021.

Scenario D would see a similar contest to the 2020 edition in Warsaw, Poland, where all of the participants would film their performances from their home countries, and no-one would travel to Paris. At the present time, this scenario is likely to be discarded, due to the success of Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam, and the low infection rates during the Eurovision weeks.

More information on which scenario we will have for Junior Eurovision 2021 is expected to be confirmed by the EBU in the coming weeks, as well as the full list of participating countries, which currently sits at 15. 

Which scenario do you think will be used for Junior Eurovision 2021? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

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