Danish Broadcaster reveals error with some televotes in the Eurovision 2021 final

July 4, 2021


Danish Broadcaster DR have revealed that there were some errors with televoting in the Eurovision 2021 grand final, meaning that some viewers votes were not counted for.

It has been reported that a small number of viewers votes were not counted, with these viewers receiving messages saying that they had already voted and would not be able to vote again. This proved to be incorrect as their votes had not gone through in the first place.

The broadcaster teamed up with Sinch, which provides Denmark’s voting system for Eurovision. They were able to find out that the reason these votes failed was due to a new IT system that had trouble registering a high number of results in such a short time. This resulted in the system rejecting a small number of vots in error. It has been confirmed that this error has not had any effect on the overall results of the Eurovision 2021 final.

As a precautionary measure, the broadcaster also investigated the votes cast in Eurovision 2021 semi final 2, Melodi Grand Prix and MGP Junior, with no errors being found.

Denmark is not the only country to have reported issues with their televotes for Eurovision 2021. At the end of May, Dutch Broadcaster NOS reported that a number of T-Mobile customers received error messages after the show had finished, claiming that their votes had not gone through, and that they would not be counted. In June, T-Mobile announced they would issue refunds to everyone who was affected by this.

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