Conan Osiris New Song “Cobras”, on Sale for One Million Euros

June 19, 2021


Conan Osiris is back again with a new song ‘Cobras’, however, whoever wants to hear the song will have to shell out one million euros. You heard it… ONE MILLION!

In partnership with Holly and St. James Park, the new song is only available on NFT – a unique digital archive genre registered by the cryptocurrency system – and can be purchased for 500ETH, which is equivalent to one million euros.

The amount obtained from the sale of the song will be used to invest in culture and artists. “An ambitious figure, but with a bigger cause behind it. In the event of being sold, this amount will be used to invest in the national cultural scene, in order to support artists and create new projects and initiatives”, disclosed in a statement, on June 18th.

This is a digital piece that, along the music, comes with a video created by photographer Pedro MKK using artificial intelligence, based on photographs of the three musicians taken at Estufa Fria, in Lisbon.

On the page where the theme was made available, the artists left a notice about the bid for the work. “Once a bid is placed at the reserve price, a 24-hour auction for this piece of art will begin,” it reads.

Is this a million € worth song to you? Share your thoughts with us!  

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