Bulgaria plays host to live-on-tape performances from multiple countries

March 19, 2022


As of now, Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia, is the chosen destination for four countries from Eurovision 2022 to record their live-on-tape performances for the upcoming contest in Turin, which return for a second year running.

Emma Muscat of Malta, LUM!X feat. Pia Maria of Austria, Marius Bear of Switzerland and Rosa Linn of Armenia have all confirmed on their social media that they will be filming their live-on-tape performances in Sofia.

Live-on-tape performances make a comeback!

For Eurovision 2021, every participating country was required to record a live-on-tape performance, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. In the event that any act wouldn’t be able to travel to Rotterdam for Eurovision, their live-on-tape performance would be used instead, as was the case with Montaigne from Australia.

As COVID is still very much in our lives, and many European countries still have COVID restrictions and travel restrictions in place, live-on-tape performances are once again being required for every act in this years Eurovision Song Contest, in the event that any of them are unable to travel to Turin.

The rules for the live-on-tape performances will remain the same as they were in 2021; each act has an unlimited amount of rehearsal time, but when it comes to the filming of their performance, they can record a maximum of three performances in one hour. These performances will be monitered by the EBU, and at the end, the act/broadcaster will select one as their official live-on-tape performance.

Are you surprised to see the live-on-tape performances back at Eurovision again? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments below!

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