Blas Cantó confirms a new version of “Voy a quedarme” for Eurovision 2021

| March 12, 2021

The representative of Spain confirmed this morning on the radio program “Pasaporte a Eurovisión” that he is preparing a new version of “Voy a quedarme” to highlight the most intimate side of the song.

Although it is still pending final approval, Blas Cantó has already confirmed a new version of his song “Voy a quedarme” during an interview on the program “Pasaporte a Eurovisión”, the only radio show fully dedicated to Eurovision on a generalist radio in Spain. This new version will only be for the Eurovision Grand Final and it will not be marketed.

“We have enhanced the intimate part of the song, we have made some changes in the second verse and also in the beginning a cappella. That beginning will be maintained, but with some modification. The truth is that I am very happy and very excited”, Blas explains during the interview.

Photo: Raúl Tejedor (RTVE)

His difficult work with Spanish Public Television

In this same interview, Blas Cantó explained some of the disagreements he has had with Toñi Prieto, Director of Entertainment at RTVE, as well as with the rest of public television in recent weeks. Blas tells in the interview how much he had to fight during the Spanish preselection for RTVE to remove the background of stars from the stage or so that the videos were not so long. He confesses that he continues to fight for changes in his performance in Rotterdam although he remembers that “it is the RTVE team who decides”.

Despite everything, the Spanish representative feels supported by RTVE and with Toñi Prieto. However, he confesses that he frequently talks to her to convince her of many things he would like to do on stage. “They have to understand that Eurovision is a very modern format and I think we can do it. You have to organize your ideas and renew yourself. Not only demanding from outside, but also from inside”, Blas explains.

As a member of the BIG 5, Spain will act directly at the grand finale of Eurovision 2021 on 22th May. Blas Cantó will try to do a good performance for Spain with this song composed by himself with Leroy Sánchez, Daniel Ortega ‘Dangelo’ and Dan Hammond. The person in charge of his staging in Rotterdam will be the Austrian Marvin Dietmann.

I don’t think about winning. I think about putting on a good performance and enjoying it. Eurovision is very unpredictable, each year something different wins and the important thing is to sing about something real that happens to you”Blas concludes.

You can listen to the full interview (in Spanish) here.

Are you also excited for the new version of “Voy a quedarme” exclusively for Rotterdam? What do you expect from Blas Cantó at Eurovision? Let us know in the comments below.


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